Q Pen

The Quran Pen.
     Q Pen is your personal Quran master.  It’s a pen which makes you self sufficient in learning Quran.

     Once you press the ON button on the top of the Q Pen and touch a verse, the Quran recital will begin. To specifically listen to a particular Page, touch on the page number,to listen the whole chapter, touch on the chapter name,You can use the Quran voice button to listen to a variety of recitations.  The Translation Voice button enables you to listen translations in the language of your choice.  The Quran + Translation button does both these jobs simultaneously.  The Word by Word button teaches you the exact pronunciation of each word in the Quran.   Volume control, speed control, voice recorder, MP3 player and an 8GB card slot makes Q Pen more dynamic and user friendly.   The Q Pen package comes with a one year warranty and includes the Q Pen, the Quran, a travel card, Khaida Nuraniya which ranges from starting lessons to Quran Tajweed, Popular Hadhees books, Hajj Umrah guide, Ear phones, Charging accessories and a talking dictionary which explains the pronunciations and usage of both English and Arabic.

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